After being betrayed and left for dead, David searches high and low for months; trying to find the man who betrayed him, John. After finding where he lives, he knocks on his door and greets him with a gun pointed to his head. After minutes of begging, even bigger secrets come to life which changes both men's lives forever.

Title: Retaliate
DVD Release Date: December 17, 2012
Format: NTSC, Widescreen, Surround Sound, Color
Aspect Ratio: 1:78.1
Genre: Action
UPC: 886470873630

Written & Directed by Shawn Martin
Produced by Shawn Martin & Kirby Martin
Edited by Shawn Martin
Music by Shawn Martin

John Addison MacKinnon as John
David Horton as David

Special Features

Sound Effects Only Track
Blooper Reel
Visual Effects: Before and After
Rough Cut
Raw Footage
"Drip 2: Drip Harder" - an experimental short film by Shawn Martin