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Joseph James Records

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Joseph James Records originally began as Mantissa Records when founder Shawn Martin limitedly released his debut album The Hell I've Created in November of 2006, but it wasn't long after that the label changed its name to the present day Joseph James Records after the founding of Joseph James Pictures in early 2008.

The first album released under the new name was Martin's second album, but first one to feature vocals, Deoxide in 2008, which, as it was with his first album, released limitedly. The label remained silent for the next year and a half as Martin was remastering both his previous albums as well as working on a new album. However, in 2009, the label signed its first artist, a local instrumental group known as Vengeance by Fire who were at that point working on their debut album.

In April of 2010, the label re-released Deoxide where it is now available worldwide. The following month, Martin released The Troubled Trash EP, a 7-track EP containing a few versions of "They Say I'm Troubled" as well as a fully mixed track from his upcoming album. The EP also contained a few demo mixes as well as a few instrumentals. The following month of June saw two releases, the first one being the debut self-titled album from Vengeance by Fire and the remastered and 4 Year Reissue Edition of The Hell I've Created which includes newly composed bonus tracks exclusively for the edition.

In 2011, Martin released his third, but second all-instrumental album A Curious Thing which is licensed under Creative Commons and was a Bandcamp exclusive. It was later released in 2015 on CD and digitally. In January of 2012, the long delayed 4th album, but second vocal album from Martin, Monoxide was released in two different editions, a standard and deluxe edition.

For recording artists, both 2013 and 2014 remained silent as the label's parent company was busy with various projects.

However, in early 2015, the label distributed the debut album from all instrumental hard rock group, My Design Immortal which was produced via the newly created Unbreakable Recordings. Broken was released in March of 2015. Later that year, the label created Cavendish Records, a label that focuses mainly on country and its subgenres; as well as pop.

Joseph James Records also releases the soundtracks to its parent company's films and has distribution deals with up and coming independent record labels.