A Curious Thing

"A Curious Thing" is an all instrumental album from Shawn Martin under Creative Commons.

Title: A Curious Thing
Artist: Shawn Martin
Release Date: November 8, 2011
CD Release Date: March 3, 2015
Type: LP
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Label: Joseph James Records

Track Listing:
01. With Every Pounding Breath
02. As I Fall Down Trying to Find the Right Emotion
03. In the End
04. March of the Monster
05. Power Slide
06. The Devil Made Me Do It
07. Massacre
08. Dirty Pleasure
09. They Say I'm Troubled (Instrumental)
10. Life After Death (Instrumental)
11. Don't Hold Back
12. Forgotten Dream
13. Die, Die, Little Miss Ballerina! Die a Little More!
14. Hate. Agony. Fear. (Instrumental)
15. Turn Around and Walk Away (Instrumental)
16. The Edge of Time
17. Into the Unknown
18. The Key to My Madness
19. Taking Lives (Instrumental)
20. Your Darkest Day

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Linear Notes:

All tracks composed by Shawn Martin
Composed and recorded from 2006-2011

Recorded and mastered by Shawn Martin

Tracks 2, 10 & 15 appear on Monoxide with lyrics.
Tracks 9, 14 & 19 appear on Deoxide with lyrics.
All other tracks are exclusive to this album.

All tracks © 2006-2011 Joseph James Records
Published by Joseph James Publishing