The Hell I've Created

Originally released limited in 2006, "The Hell I've Created" is the first album by Shawn Martin. The album contains entirely of instrumental tracks which some have been remade into full songs with lyrics on his vocal albums. This album is a special edition reissue containing all the tracks except "The Man." However, there are two previously unreleased instrumentals taking it's spot.

Title: The Hell I've Created
Artist: Shawn Martin
Release Date: June 7, 2010
Original Release Date: November 27, 2006
Type: LP
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Label: Joseph James Records

Track Listing:
01. Sadistic
02. Society Scream
03. In the End
04. Staring into Space Using a Wine Flavored Telescope
05. Hurt. Damage. Devastate.
06. Starting Hell In Tokyo
07. 3 to the Power of 3
08. Sons of Bitches
09. (I Am) Crazy
10. In My Soul
11. Self-Centered
12. Now This is Insane
13. Dead Aim On Target
14. Hell Maze
15. Deep Down Inside
16. Backalley Wednesday
17. Long Forgotten
18. In My Own Defense

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Linear Notes:

All music composed and recorded by Shawn Martin
Engineered, mastered and edited by Shawn Martin

Recorded in, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Album originally released November 27, 2006 by Mantissa Records.

All tracks composed and recorded in 2006, except;
"Long Forgotten" composed and recorded in 2008, and;
"In My Own Defense" composed and recorded in 2010

"Sadistic" also appears on the album Deoxide
"Hurt. Damage. Devastate." also appears on the album Monoxide in a shortened form.
"3 to the Power of 3" and "Self-Centered" appears on the album Monoxide as "Word Described by a Letter" with lyrics.
"(I Am) Crazy" appears on the album Deoxide as "Crazy for You" with lyrics.
"Now This is Insane" appears on the album Monoxide as "Throwing Out the Trash" with lyrics.
"Hell Maze" also appears on the album Deoxide with lyrics.

All music composed using FL Studio
All music mixed, edited and mastered using GoldWave

© 2006-2008 Joseph James Records
Published by Joseph James Publishing